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    ciation to display works by people with autism in 200▓8 to promote awareness.Zhou says greater publicity would help them sell artwor▓ks and related products."We then could have enoug

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nters," she says.Sheltered employmentA bakery on the studio's second floor teaches▓ adults with autism how to make pastries for free.Zho▓u says they plan to turn the bakery into a sheltered workshop that not only ensures incomes

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We encourage them to work within their capabilities, en▓abling them to earn money in a respectable way," says Guo Y▓ing, a full-time teacher in the studio."They can also le▓arn how to interact with others in socie▓ty by talking wit

r son, Duo Duo, was diagnosed in 1998.She met Li Mu, a Tsinghua University Academy of Arts a

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h customers."People with autism need lifelong care and protection, Zhou says."I hope the govern▓ment can develop solutions to guarantee their we▓llbeing without us guardians."The group plans to make the bakery a model and figure o

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coaches for supported employment by 202▓0, according to China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).The NGO Rong Ai Rong Le has been developing supported employment since 2013.The organization first assesses candidates' emotional stab

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orlds. But they can paint▓ whatever they want without even considering the benefits, he realized."This may provide insight into art's essence," Li believes."Society should give them

ility and communication ability

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're suitable, project manager Qu Zhuo explains."About a th

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